Assignment Operators

Assignment Operators

üThere are many assignment operators, including the following:

Bitwise Operator

Bitwise Operator

üApplied to integer type – long, int, short, byte and char.

Relational operators
ü>  greater than

ü>=  greater than or equal to

ü<  less than

ü<=  less than or equal to

ü= =  equal to

ü!=  not equal to

üThe outcome of these operations is a boolean value.

ü= = , != can be applied to any type in java.

üOnly numeric types are compared using ordering 

Relational Operator

üint done;

 if(!done) ….                // Valid in C /C++ but not in


üif (done == 0)….

  if(done!=0) ……..             //Valid in Java

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